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Latest Price of Teacher’s Whisky in Delhi

teacher’s Whisky :- Hello My Dear Friends. Hope You all guys are well. So my Dear Friends in this blog I will give You Latest Price of Teacher’s Whisky and its variants Price. Signature Whisky available Different Volumes like 60ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1000liter so on.

In this Blog I will discuss about Teacher’s Whisky History, about its variants, manufacturing process and Latest price in India. After reading this blog my Friends will be able to meet their answers of all the questions. So guys keep read this Blog at last.

about Teacher’s whisky

TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
DistilleryVarious (blended whisky)
AgeVaries (typically includes both age statement and no age statement expressions)
ABV (Alcohol by Volume)Varies (typically around 40% to 43%)
Tasting NotesRich and smooth with flavors of malt, honey, citrus, spices, and a hint of peat.
PackagingAvailable in various sizes, including 700ml, 750ml, and 1 liter bottles
Official Websitehttps://www.teacherswhisky.com/

A small Description about Teacher’s whisky

Teacher’s Whisky is blended scotch brand which is famous for its smooth, smoky and well balanced flavor. It is a unique combination of high peated single malt and more than 30 different malt from Ardmore distillery. For getting ready Teacher’s Whisky adopted a traditional way with barley which infused into it peat fires and kept it for some times for drying it. Whisky connoisseur can drink it neat and can mix it with his choice drink and enjoy it on rocks and wherever wants to take.

history of Teacher’s Whisky

Teacher’s Whisky is originate from Scotland and be owned by Beam Suntory Inc which is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Japan. The Brand is not only popular in India but also in other countries like UK, Brazil and other palaces of Europe since 2014.

The sale of Teacher’s Whisky officially started in 1830 when William Teacher get his License for selling this Whisky in the Anderson district of Glasgow. In The start he sold it on Grocery Shop which was of Agnes McDonald. And as time was passed he increased his business in 20 different dram Shop in .He opened the first ‘dram shop’ in Piccadilly. In the year 1860 William launched his high peated malt, which is used only by manufactures of Teacher’s Whisky. William Teacher’s was only 19 years old at that time and he was only cotton mill worker.

In 1976 Allied breweries adopted Teacher’s and with new experiment launched its 2nd Brand that is Teacher’s Highland Cream. And after this in 1997 Teacher’s Whisky came with new Brand Teacher’s 50 in commemoration of 50 years of independence in India. After some Years Allied Breweries sold Teacher’s Whisky to Jim Beam which was Brand of Ardmore and the Teacher’s. In 2014 these were then purchased alongside other Beam assets to Suntory Holdings of Japan. The malt in Teacher’s Whisky is peat smoked which gives it deep flavor and amber color.

manufacturing process of teacher’s whisky

  • Malting:- In this process Barley is soak it for 12 hours in water and than dry it.
  • Now barley get grind after grinding mixed into water and boil it.
  • Fermentation:- after malting which material is produced now it going through the process fermentation in this yeast will be added and fermented it.
  • Distillation:- After fermentation sent into 3 big chambers where spirit will be ready.
  • Cask filling:- Spirit will be sent into cask if in case alcohol level is more than there will be reduced after adding water. After that cask will be sent for checking.
  • Maturation:- In this cask will be kept in warehouse for maturation process.
  • Bottling:- Final process is bottling now spirit will be packed into bottles.

latest Teacher’s Whisky Price in Delhi 2023

Price of Teacher’s whisky in Delhi is quite affordable than other state due to in Delhi liquor is duty free.

Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky60ml165
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch60ml125
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky180ml505
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch180ml385
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch 180ml465
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky375ml1015
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch375ml775
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch375ml965
Teacher’s 50 blended Scotch whisky750ml2030
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch750ml1550
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Scotch whisky750ml2330
Teacher’s Highland Cream Reserve Scotch750ml1870
Teacher’s Highland Cream smooth Scotch1000ml2060

latest Teacher’s Whisky Price in Chennai

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky – DF1000ml1860
Teacher’s Whisky1000ml3820
Teacher’s Whisky750ml2700
Teacher’s Whisky375ml1385
Teacher’s Whisky180ml680

latest Teacher’s Whiskey Price in Goa

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky1000ml1860
Teacher’s Origin Whisky750ml2075
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Whisky750ml2740
Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml2040
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky375ml710
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky180ml335

latest Teacher’s Whiskey Price in Pondicherry

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whiskey1000ml1890
Teacher’s 50 Whiskey750ml2082
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whiskey750ml1452
Teacher’s Highland Cream Single Malt Whiskey750ml4464
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Whiskey750ml2430
Teacher’s Origin Whiskey750ml2208

latest Teacher’s Whiskey Price in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Teacher’s 50 Whisky60ml280
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky60ml210
Teacher’s 50 Whisky180ml800
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky180ml580
Teacher’s 50 Whisky375ml1600
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky375ml1160
Teacher’s Origin Whisky375ml1630
Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml3200
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky750ml2320
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Whisky750ml3470
Teacher’s Origin Whisky750ml3120
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky1000ml2870

latest Teacher’s Whiskey Price in Bangalore

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky180ml595
Teacher’s 50 Whisky180ml887
Teachers Origin Whisky375ml1850
Teacher’s 50 Whisky375ml1795
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky375ml1225
Teachers Origin Whisky750ml3780
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky750ml2450
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Whisky750ml5240
Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml3550
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky1000ml4120

latest Teacher’s Whisky Price in West Bengal

Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml3520
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky750ml2450
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky375ml1225
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky180ml594

latest Teachers Whiskey Price in Kerala

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky1000ml3468
Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml3542
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky750ml2610
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky375ml1336
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky180ml583

latest Teacher’s Whiskey Price in Mumbai

Teachers Origin Blended Scotch Whisky1000ml2070
Teachers Highland Cream Whisky750ml1560
Teacher’s Golden Thistle Whisky750ml2840
Teacher’s 50 Whisky750ml2100
Teachers Highland Cream Whisky375ml780
Teacher’s 50 Whisky375ml1040
Teachers Highland Cream Whisky180ml390
Teacher’s 50 Whisky180ml525


Teacher’s Whisky is a high quality scotch Whisky known for its taste and smoky flavor. It is available at affordable price in all states. Teacher’s Whisky is made by traditional way. So my Dear Friends if you have any question than please comment me in comment box. And thankyou for reading my blog. 

Is teacher a good Scotch?

Yes Teacher’s whisky is good scotch and most of the whisky lovers drink it and it is very demanding drink as well.

Which is better Ballantine or Teacher’s?

If you want a smoky flavor than should go for Teacher’s Whisky and it is good to take with cocktail as well. But if you want creamy taste than should try Ballantine.

Which is the No 1 whiskey in India?

McDowell’s is great quality whisky but there are many other Whisky which are also famous like Royal Challenge, Imperial Blue, Blender’s Pride.

Is Teacher’s whisky smooth?

Teacher’s Whisky smooth, smoky and Famous for its flavor.

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