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Red Label Price in Delhi :- hello my dear friends, in this blog i am going to tell you about red label whisky latest price its description, how to drink it? History, manufacturing of Red label Whisky, varieties. After reading this blog all answers to all questions will be found here.

Latest Price of Johnnie walker Red label Whisky in Delhi is affordable because in Delhi liquors price is duty free . Easily available in domestic market and at online platforms.

Latest Price of red label whisky in delhi of all capacities

Brand & CapacitiesPrice
Johnnie Walker Red Label 200ml₹650
Johnnie Walker Red Label 375ml₹1175
Johnnie Walker Red Label 750ml₹1700
Johnnie Walker Red Label 180ml₹380
Johnnie Walker Red Label 1000ml₹2290

Latest Price of Red label Whisky in india’s cities

Cities of indiaCapacitiesPrice
Red Label price in Ap750ml₹1650
Red Label price in Assam750ml₹1300
Red Label price in Bangalore750ml₹1800
Red Label price in Bhopal750ml₹1750
Red Label price in Chandigarh750ml₹1350
Red Label price in Delhi750ml₹1700
Red Label price in Goa750ml₹1200
Red Label price in Hyderabad750ml₹1750
Red Label price in Haryana750ml₹1350
Red Label price in Jaipur750ml₹1500
Red Label price in Jharkhand750ml₹1600
Red Label price in Kerala750ml₹1750
Red Label price in Kolkata750ml₹1650
Red Label price in Mumbai750ml₹1700
Red Label price in Odisha750ml₹1600
Red Label price in Punjab750ml₹1300
Red Label price in Rajasthan750ml₹1500
Red Label price in Up750ml₹1500

Lets know About Red label whisky

Red label Whisky is a famous brand not in India but also in other countries due to its smoky flavor which is derived from the 30 different single malt grains whisky, price and quality. It was founded by George walker and Alexander Walker in year 1909 in Diageo which is in Scotland. It is 203 years old. It is available in many flavors like White, Red, Black, Blue and Gold etc but Red label flavor is famous among them due to its fruity aroma and a cinnamon and black pepper taste. Its price is different in different cities due to its duties and taxes. It contains alcohol 42.8%ABV(alcohol by volume)

Red label whisky or johnnie walker red label is a fabulous quality whisky which is sold in reasonable price than other favor whisky in india and in other country. Johnnie walker Blue is most expensive than other flavor of whisky due to rare blend. Johnnie walker blue is special whisky for special occasion. johnnie walker Whisky get different flavors after careful production and more than one infusions.

Red label whisky is not aged but it gets flavor after cautious preparations and infusions and it is also known as non aged Whisky.

Johnnie walker red label whisky is made up of the best quality of India’s grains and one malt up to thirty five of these mixed together contain popular liquors i.e Teaninich and Cameronbridge.

Varities of Red Label Whisky

Various Type of Red label Whisky available which are differ each other in flavor and taste. describe under

  • Red Label 18:This Whisky has distinct and nuanced flavor with vanilla, smoke and honey. It is an Ideal whisky. This whisky matured for 18 years.
  • Red Label Black Label: It has smoky flavors with signing of sweetness. It is robust, strong and mixture of finest whiskies.
  • Red Label Reserve: It has a rich and fruity flavor with sign of smoky. It matured for 12 years.
  • Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky: This Whisky is famous for smooth taste and rich scent. It is mixture of grain Whisky and 30 malt.

    BrandRed label Whisky
    CategoryScotch Whisky
    Alcohol content42.8% ABV(Alcohol by Volume)
    Established in1909
    Flavor Red, Black, White, Blue & Gold
    Packing Available 180ml, 200ml, 375ml, 750ml & 1000ml

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    Frequently Asked Questions)

    How much alcohol is in Red Label whisky?

    Alcohol content in Red label whisky is 42.8% ABV (Alcohol by volume).

    What is the Price of Red label Whisky of 750ml in Gurugram?

    The current Price in Gurugram is between 850 to 1050 due to location and discounts available or not.

    Which label is most expensive?

    Johnnie walker Blue is most expensive due to its quality.

    Which is the cheapest Johnnie Walker?

    Red label flavor is cheapest among all the flavor.

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