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Smoke Vodka Price in Delhi Today | 750 ml Vodka Price in Delhi Final

Hello my dear friends! Hope you all guys are Good. Are you searching for the latest Smoke Vodka Price in Delhi. In this Article, I will give you whole information about smoke vodka so vodka lovers be ready to know about smoke vodka. and for more information about all kinds of liquors be with us on this website.

Brief Details of Smoke Vodka

Alcohol Content40% ABV
Distillation5 time Distilled
Base IngredientGrain
PackagingGlass bottle
Bottle Size750ml
Official Website

Smoke Vodka Price in Delhi Today

The Smoke Vodka was firstly available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Goa at the time of launching and after some time it was available in most of the cities of india. And Smoke vodka price in delhi is cheaper than other states due to different in tax and duties.

Given under Price of Smoke Vodka and you can choose your budget vodka and can enjoy it.

Smoke Vodka 750 ml2080
Aniseed Smoke Vodka750 ml 2600

Some points about Smoke Vodka

  • Smoke vodka is produced by NV Group. It is Produced by very young man Who is only 25 years old and whose name is Varun Jain(distributor of liquor in Delhi).
  • It is Indian Brand and home Grown brand.
  • Varun Jain who is owner of this vodka calls it “hyper modern” or can call it Progressive Indian Brand.
  • Its packaging is minimalistic and elegant and designed by brew house. Its
  • It is acquire from Saunf.
  • It is Gluten free and making by the distilled process and it is distilled Five times and for filtration charcoal filter is use.
  • For making it Indian best quality of grain is use i.e Basmati Rice which is very good in taste and its essence is also good so it gives a very good essence to vodka and taste also.
  • It is smooth and crispy.
  • It is available in 60ml and 750ml volume.
  • It is India’s coolest and most expensive Vodka.
  • Two kinds of smoke vodka is available which are classic smoke vodka and another one is Aniseed Smoke vodka.
  • smoke classic vodka has licorice and creamy vaniila.
  • It is smooth vodka and will not burn Throat and can enjoy with any kind of cocktails or chilled.
  • It falls under premium quality of vodka.


Smoke Vodka Price in Delhi is low as compare to other states considering how it is a homegrown Vodka label which has found its first customers from this city. If you live in Delhi or somewhere nearby definitely try this new label it is fantastic and become most popular brand in all vodka’s.

Frequently ask questions

What is the price of Smoke lab vodka?

There is two variant of smoke lab vodka which are classic vodka and aniseed vodka. classic vodka price is 2080 and aniseed vodka price is 2600. And these vodka are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and In Goa and soon will available in other state also.

What percentage of alcohol is in smoke vodka?

Smoke Vodka contains alcohol percentage is 40% ABV. It opens with eccentric aromas ang give hints of citrus fruits.

Who owns Smoke vodka?

Smoke lab vodka owner is Varun Jain Who is entrepreneur and origin of this vodka is Delhi.

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